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I’m a SoCal girl who grew up leaving California for other coastlines around the world.  I decided to go to grad school a few years ago and, for once, chose to move to a beach town that didn’t require a passport.  By happy coincidence, I ended up falling in love and doubling in my M.R.S. degree.  Our wedding day was quickly eclipsed by the birth of our daughter, Avery.  Patch was “mine” first; however, I’m pretty sure he loves Seth more.  I just wish he would at least pretend that he didn’t have a favorite.

Photo credit:  Acres of Hope Photography

Here are my favorite posts that tell you more about me:



2 Responses to About Me

  1. Hey aimee,
    thanks for you very generous words. I hope that you have a blast with babies, dogs, beaches and all things beautiful. Look forward to reading more from you moving forward

  2. Alex says:

    Did I hear someone mention babies? As in not the kind with four paws?

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