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5 Ways to Be a Hands-Free Parent

I’m still thinking through that article in the WSJ.  However, I’ve started being more of a Hands-Free Parents by following 5 Golden Rules for Social Media. 1.  Don’t post anything negative. Having recently earned my M.A. in Communication, I can say with certainty that complaining can be … Continue reading

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Sneak Peek: Baby Austin

Please meet my future son-in-law, Austin.  Just kidding.  A little bit.  But not totally.  Austin is the newest member of one of my favorite La Jolla families.  He has an adorable older brother, Brady.  However, I’ve read articles which say … Continue reading

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Love Letter #9: We Need the Tooth Fairy!

Dear Button, There’s something kind of bittersweet about you turning 9 months.  You’re  on the cusp of crawling and “talking” with your da-da-da sounds all the time.  There are so many new things you can do that I’m not sure where to begin. … Continue reading

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It’s Fun, Trust Me!

Did I ever tell you about the first time Seth took me mountain bike riding?  You know, the time I almost dumped him?  Thankfully, I still had all the new dating butterflies in my tummy and oxytocin rushing through my brain; because, all … Continue reading

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Childrens Photography: Miss Talia

I think the best line I ever heard Talia say was when we were out to dinner with her family and one of my friends whom she had just met.  We were trying to squeeze 5 adults and 3 kids … Continue reading

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