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*Catholic* Kids Say the Darndest Things

My sister is a second-grade teacher at a Catholic school. It may or may not be part of the church where I sought sanctuary. Anyway, I love Amanda’s stories about her kids. Here are some of the little gems she’s … Continue reading

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3 Month Photo Shoot

“Tell me you didn’t decorate the Button with eggs.” “Yup, you bet I did!” Cheesy?  Sure, it is!  And this is me doing it anyway! I also procrastinated on posting these by an entire month and figure I best post … Continue reading

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Love Letter #4: Easy Street, Pack Walks, and Being Enough

Dear Button, Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day as you turned 4 months old.  It’s absolutely amazing that you have grown into this little person who smiles and talks back to us in a cacophony of baby notes.  I don’t want … Continue reading

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Kids, Planes, and Car Seats

We went on our first big family trip last week!  Seth’s firm had their partner retreat in Chicago and, after missing it last year because my foolish husband thought I’d be bored, I wasn’t about to let having a baby … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about community lately and what it means. Last Friday, our women’s fellowship leader made the point, “You can’t have community without knowing someone’s name.” It suddenly dawned on my why I make Bird Rock Coffee Roasters my … Continue reading

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