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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Newborn Photography: The Little Honey Bee, Maya Jane

Her momma started calling her “little honey bee” before she even had a name.  Funny enough, this nickname ended up being a precursor to this little baby’s real name, Maya. Like so many other couples, Alli and Louis couldn’t agree on a name.  Alli was really drawn to the name Maya, but Louis just wasn’t convinced that was the name […]

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Childrens Photography: My Favorite Brunch Buddy

“So, how’ve you been feeling?” Carrie asked as she tore open a couple packets of sugar and dumped them on the restaurant wood table in-front of her 19-month-old.  Braeden smiled and proceeded to delicately draw lines in the white crystals before licking his index finger.  “It’s a trick my mom taught me,” she explained.  Trick?  More like magic spell.  Braeden entertained himself this […]

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Delish: Tuna Sandwich with Yogurt

Leaving La Jolla to grocery shop at Trader Joe’s seems to take forever these days, so I’ve taken the term “staple food” to the extreme.  Me and PB&J’s are bff’s.  To mix things up, I’ve been having a lot of almond butter & jam sandwiches.  I know, I live on the wild side.  I just need […]

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Marriage Therapy

Most couples go sit on a comfortable couch in an office in-front of a qualified family and marriage counselor.  Or talk with their faith leader.  Or read a book about marriage and communication.  Me and Seth?  We go skiing. I joke around that it’s a good thing Seth and I got married before ski season […]

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April 13, 2012

Felz Chappi - That’s just hilarious and very familiar! Whenever you go up you always see couples going through the same old drama – one of them loves it, the other one has never tried, the fear, the frustration, the adrenalin, the tears, the cursing. If you can make it through that together the rest is easy. Its so hard to learn as an adult too. I mean I love skiing but always glad I learned as a bendy flexi-child plus the ground is so much closer at that age and the leg/arm-crossing combos so much more limited: joints seemed to rotate 360. These days whenever friends who’ve never tried want to give it a go in the Swiss Alps (because you’re there right – you almost have to) we always warn that the first 3 days at least are terrifying torture. And they always are but then you either get better (even though you feel like you’re never going to walk again) and then usually its time to go home just when the fun starts to kick in. Sounds like you’re over the worst of it though and all ready for the Alps next year. We’ll send the hubbies off-piste just to take the pressure off ;).

April 13, 2012

Dianne James Wilkens - What a charming story…..and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Hope some day I can meet Seth as he really knows how to work the deal…..xo, dw.

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