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Our Little Republican Elf

We were sitting on the same restaurant patio where we had met almost 2 years before.  I remember being nervous that first night and it wasn’t only because it was our first date.  I had cyberstalked the heck out of Seth and felt like my brain was bursting with information he hadn’t yet revealed.  Oh, don’t act like you’ve never googled a date!  I mean, that’s the very definition of google.  I’m not kidding:


  1. Use an Internet search engine, particularly  “she spent the afternoon googling aimlessly”.
  2. Search for the name of (someone) on the Internet to find out information about them.

So, I decided that the best way to prevent Seth from knowing I knew his college major, who he voted for in the last election, etc, etc, was to get him to tell me.  Success!  Yeah, I’m that good ;)

I also had a strategy for this night:  I wanted to settle on a baby girl name.  Seth and I had been debating baby names for weeks.  Like, I explained before, it’s kind of a big deal.  The Sprouls must have watched a lot of Sleeping Beauty as kids, because Seth kept on bringing up the name Aurora. Go on, try to say it out loud.  I’m worried enough about the S in Sproul and was trying to imagine my future toddler saying, “My name is Awarwa Thproul.”  I had suggested Haleigh after one of my favorite little neighbors I babysat in high school.

Seth’s response: “Haleigh sounds like a privileged white girl’s name.”

Me: “We’re white and we live in La Jolla. We aren’t exactly trying to break a stereotype here.

And then there was my obsession with the flower names: Lilly, Violet, Rose….  Seth wasn’t a fan of these either, though I haven’t quite gotten over Violet.

However, my sister had suggested the name Avery.  It is French in origin, which I like because my name has a French spelling.

“Soooo, what about Avery?” I asked as I peeled off a buttery leaf of artichoke.

“I like it!”


“Yeah, I do.”  Seth took a sip of his beer.  “Don’t we know someone named Avery?

“No, I don’t think so…Wait, we don’t exactly know her, but we spend every Thursday night with her.”


“C’mon, she dates an Irish Bostonian.”

“Jack’s wife!  Oh, she’s a Republican.  I like that!”

“You know, hon, Avery is just a character.  The actress is probably a very liberal Democrat.  I mean, I think Alec Baldwin is known for being super liberal, right?”

“It doesn’t matter, Avery is Republican and our Avery will be, too!”

Oh, and the meaning of Avery you ask? I thought it was “Wise Counselor,” but have since learned that another meaning is “Elf Counselor” or “Wise Elf.” Good thing we are big fans of The Lord of the Rings?  They were also a privileged species as I recall.  So much for not stereotyping our child.


Here are some photos I took today during a lovely hour when our little Republican, wise elf was sleeping on our walk.

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