Back from Crankyland

Hello, I’m home!  Where have I been you may ask?  Oh, just off in Crankyland.  There is a better term for it, but I have a strict “don’t write it if you’d be embarrassed that your pastor’s wife read it” policy on this here blog.

Where is this land you speak of?  Well, there’s this very windy road to get to Crankyland that involves trapsing through BabyScreamingLand, over the hills of NoTimeToShowerLand, and under the bridges of PoopyDiaperLand.  One has to escape the DirtyLaundry, DirtyDishes, DirtyHouse, DirtyEVERYTHING monsters along the way.  Such a traveler must be very vigilant at all times.  There is little time to eat and even less to sleep.  In fact, you know you’ve reached Bit…I mean, Crankyland when you have gone several weeks without sleeping more than 4 consecutive hours.  And, despite all the roads to Crankyland, the road back is very direct:  One, just ONE glorious night of sleep gets your return visa approved.  One night without having to feed your baby, change a diaper, hear baby screaming while you change diaper as fast as possible, deal with dog jumping off bed – because, really PEOPLE, so what if I’m a big hairy paperweight on your sheets, I don’t care if you’re cold – then jumping back on the bed and curling right up against you…one night of just sleeping.

To celebrate today, I am not going to whine at my husband.  I have this picture of him having lunch brought to him at the office while he takes a break from responding to email to read a Wall Street Journal article.  And, even though this was totally the scenario when I walked into his office the other day, I’m not going to let it outweigh the fact that he providses for our family.

I’m also going to take today to put life in perspective and celebrate how easy I have it.  I can’t stop thinking about this young mom I  know who asked me if I think being a mom is difficult.  “Uh, yes!” I told her.  “Really?  I don’t,” she smiled.  And then she turned around to finish cleaning the dishes.  My dishes.  Because, this mother is taking a break from high school to work for a home cleaning business to help provide for her mother and siblings.  Grounded is an understatement when it comes to her character.

On this day of sanity, I’m going to be insanely happy.  Happy for the healthy baby I have, the husband who cares for us, the dog curled up next to me, and the life that I lead.

Every post is better with a photo.  So, I picked an iPhoto where Avery is a mess, because life is messy!

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8 Responses to Back from Crankyland

  1. Rosa Alarcon Hribar says:

    Love that face :)

  2. Seth Sproul says:

    As you can see in the picture, she does come with a warning. ADVERTENCIA!

  3. Kathleen Deane says:

    Ttly crackin up! Ur awesome aimee, and yes, although much more difficult than life 3 months ago, you lead a well provided life!:). Cheers to motherhood! (Clink)

  4. Dina Grinshpun says:

    It gets easier, Aimee! So much so, that you will forget the sleepless nights and want another kid. The time is coming, yes it is. So just hang in there, one groggy, sleepy blink at a time.

    • Aimee says:

      That’s what I hear. I should make a note not to read these old posts so that I don’t ever remember! :)

  5. Tom Van Gilder says:

    More of that Grinshpun wisdom. Listen to her.

  6. Aimee Desiree Sproul says:

    There’s wine in that glass, right?